Welcome to Shamerrific®

Shamerrific® is a professional line of automotive cleaning products that clean and dry any surface in one motion! Tested on over a half million vehicles, the unique patented combination allow consumers to save time and money by doing two cleaning steps at one time! No need for two separate products or chemicals because our products do it all!


Replaces any towel, microfiber, chamois, sponge or cloth!

Time Saver

Reduces cleaning time.

Save Money

Reduces overhead cost of employees!


Some products lasting over 3,000 washes!

Save Money

Uses less or no soap or chemicals!

Go Green

They are environmental friendly!

Many Applications

Shamerrific Cleaning Products unique combinations allow you to be able to use water to clean. For the consumer who wants to use soap or biodegradable products, they will use a significantly less amount. Our line consists of cleaning products for car detailing, car washing, commercial cleaning, and home cleaning to name a few!

Easy to Use

Shamerrific Cleaning Products leave a streak free finish on all surfaces, are safe and durable enough to use on any surface, and are easy to clean with a pressure washer, hose, sink or in a washing machine!

Save Money & Time

You save money using less water, soaps, and chemicals. You save time not having to do multiple cleaning steps, and you save the environment by not polluting the water systems.

Check out Shamerrific Cleaning Product videos to see the amazing demonstrations here!!!

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